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Our website

is under construction.

So it
doesn’t matter

how much you scroll, it’ll still be under construction.

For real,

You can only see our contact info.

No matter how much

you scroll,

that’s the only thing we’ll show you.

We have plenty of time.

All day long.

And it seems

you do too…

You’re a

little bugger, aren’t you?

Or are

Oh! You’re still here.

Since you decided to stay, let’s talk.

Do you work

or study?

Just kidding. Let’s talk about us.

If you are
still here

is because you’ve liked our under construction page.

So how about you share it on your social networks.

But this is not the end.

If you get bored,

it’s ok because one of your friends might get to the end.

If there is one….

So, since you’ve
reached this point,

we’d like to know who you are to invite you to

the launch.

But it does not end here,

does it?

Have you noticed that this website wouldn’t work if it weren’t for you?

That is
Value Work_

And we are the first agency to apply this theory to our work.

#ValueWork #ProximityCo

Do you want to know
more about it?

Guess what?

Yeah… Keep scrolling.

Value work_

is when you work as a team.


model challenges the conventional model.
We want you to apply


model to your

So, if you’re still here and you’re interested in it,

like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Are you hoping for
something amazing?

You deserve it. Let us show something awesome.

This is the first under construction website

in which a person has stayed for more than




And this doesn’t
end here.

Well, it ends once you close this page.

Actually, I’m just a dude typing this as you scroll down, so close the page, yeah…?

My fingers
are a bit tired.

Come on!

My girlfriend is waiting for me.

I haven’t been home in two days!

You don’t believe me, do you?

By now, you should already know

that a copywriter and a couple of designers
stayed up all night
creating all this.

Then a developer set it up so it’d simulate a

chat conversation.

And now
we have no

to make you close the browser.


you probably

want to know how far we can go.


let’s hope

your boss or significant other don’t catch
you because we’ll be here a while.

Not minutes.

But hours.






You win.

If you think
you are

one of the first 17, give us your info.

Proximity Colombia

tel_  [571] 601 28 60

dir_  Calle 97a # 9 - 45. Piso 4

en_  Bogotá D.C. - Colombia

tw_  @ProximityCo

The end?

#ValueWork @ProximityCo

#ValueWork @ProximityCo